La Jungle Géante

Meet the Goblin Chief!

With only 2 players joining the game this week, I decided to try something different: a session based on mini-games instead of combat. It would allow for dice-tossing and story progression and not make the other players feel like they missed anything.

Starting the day the monk set off to gather some medicinal herbs (there were some leftovers that cured Poraxion) while Laurius left with some of the monkey-tribe hunters to hunt panthers for their pelts, in hopes of building the hot-air balloon (and explaining why these 2 characters were missing).

The leader of the monkey-tribe asked the adventurers what would be the best course of action for his troops while they were away and Gan Appalix asked all of them (hunters, carpenters, warriors, apprentices) to build traps and set them in the best possible locations near the Fourmian lair for maximum impact. He hoped that the humanoid ants would get caught in them during their exit to confront the goblins he hoped would join their cause.

And so Poraxion and Gan Appalix set off with Bak Boom Boom (a monkey ninja that offered to bring them to the goblin tribe) to meet said tribe, a short trek when you know the way. On their first night of camping Gan got robbed and they soon tracked the culprit to its lair: a tiny Ouistiti that has a fixation for shiny things. They captured it and took a hundred gems that the tiny monkey had gathered over the years.

That being done, they soon arrived to a clearing which marked the beginning of the territory of the red goblins, fire-worshippers. Gan used the magic spector to cloth himself in the finest garments to impress them, and casted Mirror Image on Poraxion to make the goblins believe he had many bodyguards. The monkeys that followed them stayed in the trees, for they have a long-lasting war with the monsters and would be killed on sight.

Approaching the goblin fortified walls (3 feet of badly built wood walls) the adventurers got threatened by the two high-strung sentries. One of them decided to carry out the threat but rolled a 1, critical fail! The poor little fellow fell down the barricade and lost his throwing axe.

Gan Appalix approached him calmly and very officially (pretty cool RPing all night long btw) asked to see their leader. Poraxion blew his dwarven horn for good measure. The little guys were so impressed they immediatly ran off and asked for Kokolé, their leader.

A big, fat, round goblin with its skin the colour of crimson red appeared on a throne of ivory, carried by 20 of his smaller subjects. He asked with a weird accent what were humans doing in this neck-o-the-woods. Gan Appalix announced that they had a proposition for him that would make him rich and powerful, and so Kokolé invited them into his tent made out of a single skin.

After some discussion – most of which was Gan stroking Kokolé’s ego and promissing him great riches and rewards – Kokolé admitted that he wanted to impress his cousin Mokéké (the blue goblin warlord from our previous campaign) that had successfully taken a human city and was now mayor-king-god of his people, but first they had to ask for the favour of the gods.

He asked his shaman to consult the oracles and it was determined that the heroes would have to take the fire-tests in order to impress the gods and bring good fortune on their quest.

First was the test of pain. Poraxion volunteered for this one. The goblin shaman poured one, two, three drops of lava on his hand (higher fortitude check every time) which Poraxion easily passed. He impressed them so much that he was given a goblin throwing axe.

The second test was to drink a potion concocted by the shaman. Appalix drank the whole thing in one gulp and started to hallucinate, to the amusement of the tribe (a willpower check that was failed by just a few points, so the effects weren’t so bad).

The third test was an arm-wrestling contest, which Appalix surprisingly volunteered for again. The goblin butcher showed up, him with his very muscular right arm, and installed himself. Appalix the wizard sat in front of him and installed himself as well. When the go was given, Appalix waited a second and then used Shocking Grasp on his opponent, sending him crashing to the floor! The tribe was again quite happy with the show.

The fourth test was to cross the field of lava geysers, object of worship of the goblin tribe, with ceremonial hats and keep them intact. The ceremonial hats were in fact the camping casseroles of Elegor the human hermit! Many holes shot lava bursts (circular wall of fire spell used) and drops (Fireball with splash damage kinda) and some portions of the floor were cracked. The wizard used levitate to avoid the cracks and ran through the field without a problem. The fighter avoid all the damage thanks to his shield, even when he was jokingly prodded by a goblin spear (he retaliated by throwing a dart right in the culprit’s thigh, which got the whole tribe laughing again).

The fifth and last test consisted of drinking Kokolé’s mother’s soup. This was a pretty tense moment as both adventurers suspected that it was poisoned. They both decided that they were ready to die for their cause and drank it all in one shot. Besides being extremely spicy, the companions felt fine… Until they noticed that their skin was turning as red as the goblins’!

The tribe satisfied and the gods appeased, they returned to Kokolé’s tent to celebrate. The ninja-monkey snuck in to let them know that night was about to fall and they should leave before the goblins got too drunk.

After Kokolé promissed that he would help the heroes attack the Fourmians (he was already at war with them) in exchange for the immense treasure of the giant ant-nest – besides one treasure that Gan Appalix succesfully bargained for – the duo returned to their entourage of intelligent monkeys and set back towards the tribe’s village.

Out of the temple

On a sidenote, I am almost ashamed at how I handled this game. I had prepared almost nothing and following last week’s epic adventure it was a huge let down for me and the players.

That being said we finally got Joff to join. I hope he’ll be back. I used the excuse that this game was more to show him the basics of the mechanics, rather than me being lazy all week and not thinking of anything.


The game started with us eating lots of snacks and discussing random stuff. After 30 minutes of this we decided to start playing.

I explained that after killing the ancient necromancer they searched the room a little bit more and found a secret door that led to a secret room of magical items (that I totally forgot to give them last game) and this room also led outdoors.

They build a stretchers out of church benches for Poraxion, the poor dwarf fighter who got beaten to jello last game and carried him out after looting the room.

They found a Shield of Arrow-Catching that they gave to Poraxion, a Staff of Spell-Storing that they gave to Gan Appalix the wizard, and a Composite Longbow +1 to hit for Laurius the ranger. They also found a mysterious specter that a knowledge arcana roll revealed to be a Rod of Splendor!

Coming out of the temple fresh air and sunlight invaded their senses. After braving death numerous times (for the fighter) they were finally outside! They could see the giant jungle tree, they could see that it was growing over a giant blue diamond – I’m talking HUMONGOUS – and that they were in some kind of garden. They also noticed that they startled a very strange human…

Enter Sutomal (Joff’s character)

Before our companions stands a man that was raised by dogs but then rescued by a clan of ninja and monks living in the giant tree… only, they are monkeys.

Sutomal has been living in the Igymon tribe since he was a kid so he moves like a monkey, and is of the monk class. He enjoys picking fruit and ultimately would like to be the leader of the clan.

He explains that the Igymon clan has just been hit by a devastating attack from the Fourmians, a race of humanoid insects that look like centaur ants. The village in the giant tree has been completely decimated but most of the tribe has survived.

On their way to the village they reach a river where giant ant heads have been impaled on poles. Sutomal explains that this is a warning to Fourmians. They succesfully sneaked on a group of 2 workers and 1 warrior Fourmians that were quickly killed but not before poisoning the wizard for a few rounds.

Reaching the village the companions meet the elder who is grateful for dealing with the necromancer, who was often killing strayed villagers and desecrating their bodies for his experiments. For this, he offers to leave Poraxion in the hands of the village Shaman who worked his healing art on the injured fighter.

The leader of the village, an Orang-Utang so aged that at first the group thought he was an albino but in fact all of his hair is white (kept alive by the magic of the giant diamond) explains that Fourmians are a nuisance, a plague, the worst thing that ever happened to the jungle.

They used to be contempt living in the giant chasm north-west of the jungle but they have used all the space and are now expanding, in the process destroying the jungle and enslaving animals and humanoids alike. They ride dinosaurs and gliding monkeys into battle and their numbers are simply impossible to match for the tribe.

He also shows the adventurers a necklace that a scouting party has found, that Laurius the ranger identifies as his mother’s (thus explaining why his racial enemy is Fourmians) and that a group of dwarves have also been spotted working for the Fourmians. Could this be Poraxion’s lost foraging party?

The elder primate goes to the Wizard for help, asking to rebuild the village with the monkeys who have long lost the ways of their ancestors in architecture and engineering. Gan Appalix quickly convinces them however that they should switch to aggresive mode and attack the Fourmians, try to kill the queen, because their tribe wouldn’t survive another assault.

After much discussion the wizard had the idea to build a hot-air balloon and drop right into the Fourmians lair. The ranger suggested to create a distraction because they couldn’t possibly handle the whole horde. The monk ate cookies and chips and drew a portrait of himself.

The final plan and the conclusion of the session was portrayed by Marc pretending to wield the Rod of Splendor and talking to the goblin leader of the goblin tribe that lives south of the temple, close to the lava geysers that they worship (this was all introduced in the first game). They plan to convince them that great treasures await them if they invade the Fourmians lands. When the two armies are fighting, they would parachute into the lair, seek the queen, and END HER.

The Lost Temple

This game has been my favourite ever. We’ve been evolving steadily as a group of RPers for the past 2 years and I could even say matured at the same rate.

The players have never really wanted to go against my will or piss me off by ignoring my plans. 2 of them enjoy DMing as well so I guess they know how annoying it can be to have players refusing to jump on the rails. They make you improvise much more than usual and don’t get to cash in on all those goodies you prepared for them the night before, giggling madly in your dark dark basement.

This being said, that’s kind of why I want to try something new this time, battle report style (you know what those are if you’ve picked up an issue of White Dwarf in the past).

I was pretty excited about this game, I had some cool stuff prepared for my players and a new one – actually the guy that made want to start playing again – was supposed to join the group.

In the end he didn’t show up but that meant more pizza for the rest of us.

With a belly full and the laptop playing the Skyrim soundtrack we got back into the action right from where we left off, assuming that they rested a full night to regain full HP, right in the dungeon. I had them eat a ration as compromise.

I had prepared a map of a square room with 4 doors, one on each wall. One of them was behind crumbled rocks and another one behind giant vines that Marc right away understood came from the giant jungle tree growing in the temple courtyard. They tried to get through those 2 at first but quickly understood that it was impossible and that I didn’t have anything prepared in that direction anyways.

Poraxion tried to lift rocks and then to chop the vines with his dwarven axe, which gave me the idea to make the vines ooze blue goo that the Ranger gathered in an empty flask that was actually on his inventory sheet. Love this guy.

They finally decided to go through the only possible door, the 4th one being the one they came from. After a thorough investigation of the surroundings (they are scared, good!) they decided to walk in said room.

I displayed the next room, a hallway with another square room at the end. Inside, 4 crudely drawn human figures lying on squares. One of the figures was a skeleton covered in red spider webs. The players right away started making speculations (that’s what I love about these guys, they make up half the stuff for me) about the bodies. The ranger, Laurius, decided to go first, moving silently inside. Being an half-elf, he can also see in the dark and benefit from the dark for a hide check.

He moved his character on the map and set it down right in the middle of the room, between four pillars. That’s when I had a good idea. I just said “Click” and right away Francis (playing Laurius) had a “you got me” look on his face as I tried to make up sounds for liquids being pumped – harder than I thougt.

The other two players looked at me with puzzled looks, might be because of the noise I was making.

Initiatives, people! The dead have been pumped full of an unknown liquid and thus have been re-animated! (I didn’t really say “thus”). In the dark you hear their movements as they get up, 3 stinking and decayed humans dressed in ancient ceremonial armor, equipped with spears and javelins. A golden amulet with a pulsing blue diamond is at their neck.

The adventurers disposed of their enemies pretty quickly. The monsters decided to attack with their javelins for their first round and the Dwarf Fighter, Poraxion, had the good reflex of moving in between them and the ranger when he could. One of the zombies got stuck in red spiderweb and was attacked by the spiderswarms.

After the battle the party gathered enough information (with extensive questions and rolls, we LOVE rolling) to gather that the room was an ancient barracks. Time has long rotted the remaining weapons but Gan the Wizard took the time to take an amulet from the corpses. He is obsessed with gems, you see. His player, Marc started thinking aloud about the temple structure. “It’s probably the kitchens next, or the toilets, something like that!”

This time they did not roll for traps but simply opened the door and I unveiled the next room.

A circular one with in the middle a skull drawn in a circle (it was supposed to look like it was displayed).

“Oh fuck. I don’t like this one!” said the Dwarf.
The other two of the group replied with equally stressed sentences as I grinned behind my laptop and looked at my notes.

“What’s this? What do we see?” asked the worried Wizard. Marc loves details and will use everything you give him.

I described the room as a circular, dome-ish room that had a sacred feel to it. From the looks of it this was a place of worship. In the center, on a stone pillar carved with scenes of worship rests a human skull with an eye patch on his right eye and a huge blue diamond nested in the empty socket of his left eye.

The Ranger decided to try a spot check at the ceiling and I reassured him that nothing was hidden but he did notice 3 piles of skeletons in the other side of the room.

“Ok, just making sure no giant spider comes down on us, you know, since we were attacked by BABY SPIDERS

They investigated the 3 bodies at first to see that they had seemed to have died of combat – with each other.

Marc in a genius moment of role-playing (that I had counted on) all of a sudden said with enthusiasm “Ok! I KNOW this is going to be bad, but Gan Appalix the greedy Wizard MUST get this gem! Fuck it!” and off he went as the other players looked on with a look of anticipation.

He still did a spot check to detect any trap and having rolled pretty high I let him know that the eye patch had a bad look to it. Gan grabbed the diamond and Marc looked at me, wondering what was going to happen to his character. I let him know nothing bad happened. He just fell into my time-bomb trap, however. YES!

He decided to take a few steps back and use one of his spells to lift the eye-patch magically. Pretty impressive that he chose that spell to learn that day, too! A small cloud of black gas shooted out from the socket. A Knowledge Arcania roll revealed that it was a BLIND spell trap.

Marc and Francis, the two experienced players, looked at me in playful disbelief and explained to Seb that Marc just avoided something pretty dangerous as I read the description of being Blinded on DnD Wiki. Marc started laughing as I told him how funny it would be to have a blind character for ever.

The next room was a hallway that split in two with two rooms at the end. On the left the walls were lined with vines and there was an accessible door. Same thing on the right, but the vines were replaced by red spiderwebs.

(I should mention that in EVERY room since the beginning Marc has been burning the webs with his Dancing Light spell).

They all right away decided to avoid the side with the webs and the Fighter chose to tackle the door to have an element of surprise for whatever was happening on the other side. I took that into account.

I unveiled the last room of the night: a rectangular room full of vines, with 4 church benches in the center. At the other side, an altar with an open book drawn on it. at the foot of the altar was a semi-circle pool full of dark water and on the sides two bowls that were full of blood. Above it were red spiderwebs still dripping blood.

At the top of the altar, reading the book, was a human so old only a few white hair were left on his head and chin, reading from the book.

“Necromancer!” cried the Ranger. “He’s casting a spell!” said the Wizard. “Fuck!” Said the Fighter. The other players entered the room and urged Laurus to shoot arrows at him.

I let him have a free shot as an element of surprise and then threw for initiative. He got a shot in, an arrow lodged herself in the evil old wizard’s chest but he kept on reading. He spent his whole turn reading from the book in fact, more rapidly.

The fighter moved in as fast as he could towards the altar. Good thing we forgot to tell him about the Running rule or the wizard would have met an even faster death.

The wizard positioned himself at the back of the room behind the fighter and the ranger. I guess he wanted to see what was going to happen.

The ranger continued to rain down arrows on the wizard but missed and the evil man finally finished to cast his spell. Out of the pool of stinky dark water emerged 3 forms: the evil, zombified versions of the players’s characters from game #2. I took into account that they were of a lower level when the spiderswarm -who actually gathered the blood for the wizard in game 2 – attacked the party.

An intense battle ensued. The wizard was quickly killed by arrows and acid splashes and the players were somewhat hoping that this would also stop the other 3 monsters from attacking. At this point they seemed to realise that it wasn’t going to be as easy a fight as the previous stuff. I love messing with their heads!

The evil Fighter attacked his good self’s wooden heavy shield with two-handed hits and in 2 turns it burst into splinters. The evil ranger positioned himself atop the altar and alternatively shot at the fighter and the wizard – who had cast mirror image.

The evil wizard was the first to go down. At the same time, the good wizard started losing control of his will (failing willpower checks) and started attacking his companions! It was actually the diamond from the skull that was casting Confusion spell on his carrier when the necromancer died. “It’s the wizard’s soul! It’s in the diamond!” yelled the ranger. Thanks for the idea, Francis!

The good ranger was keeping his distances and soon ran out of arrows but started using magical arrows that he had found in a previous game. The fighter soon fell to the savage blows of an axe, the deep wounds of arrows and the searing pain of acid (from his friend). He fell to a critical hit from a Dwarven Axe (and I always give max damage to critical hits) that would have put him in the -20s but it was Seb, it’s his first campaign, and heroes are heroes so I decided to put him at -7 since he was 3rd level.

After a lenghty discussion in which the ranger pointed out that now the necromancer’s book on the altar could be used by the wizard (totally did NOT foresee that when I drew the detail on the paper) and I explained to Seb how his character could stabilize (“Imposibble” was his remark") the ranger realised that he was the only trained in Heal and on the third turn reached the mangled body of the dwarf.

I almost forgot to mention another epic moment of the game.

As I am describing how the dwarf is falling to his knees and then to his back, Marc goes “Where’s the monkey?”
“The fighter was carrying it”
“It’s in a bag on his back I think you said. It’s slowly being crushed by the weight of the heavy armor” (me).
“Can… Can the monkey help? Can he fetch a potion? Can he fight?”
“Seb, I don’t want you to just sit and do nothing for the rest of the game because that’s boring, so you can control the Orang-Wutang”.
“Ok. He attacks my killer. Fuck it. YOLO”.
“As you lay dying and see the light at the end of the tunnel… Hey guys, did you see that meme that says What if the light you see at the end of the tunnel is the same one you see as you come out of your mother’s vagina? So… if he gets stabilized right now, it means he won’t go into the light, right? So, does that mean that somewhere right now a baby will be stillborn? Don’t save him! You’re going to ruin that mother’s day!”
“You’re fucking sick dude”.
“So. As you lay dying through a haze you see the monkey leaping over your body to land on your evil self and claw away at his face”.
“Nice. Is the prick dead?”
“Yeah but so is the monkey”

Let me say that the heal check was one of the most intense moments that has happened for our group so far. Francis calmly looked at his skills. Calculated.
“I need a 10”.
A 10.

Me and Marc started celebrating. Ooooooooooh! Fuck yeah! Looks like you live to fight another day, Seb!

“But like, you’re still at -7 right now. You can’t do anything.”

After that the battle was quickly ended and the ranger took the time to spit on his evil self, then administered the flask of blueish gooey vine juice to the fighter, explaining in details how he would do it, kind of how you give pills to a cat or dog in real life. We all laughed so I had the fighter regain consciousness and go back to 1 HP.

The game ended with the wizard throwing a successful willpower check and realising that it was the diamond that was controlling him. He put on the necromancer’s amulet as a test and found that it was an Amulet of Sustenance but the magic of the two items was cancelling each other out for the moment.

That’s also why the necromancer was so old and frail, he was actually the surviving priest of the temple, his honour guard having passed away a long time ago and then used as zombies by him.

We had a blast!

And yes, I always reward imagination and a good laugh.

Dangerous Canopy

After a good night’s rest the trio of companions decided to set out towards the temple. After a day’s walk they stopped on the side of a small spring to fill out their water flasks. To their surprise they got attacked by Wizened Eldars, humanoid trees, evil things. Using their powers to communicate and control other plants, they entangled the Dwarf with vines and pulled him in the spring face down, trying to drown him to feed on his decomposing corpse afterwards.

The ranger and the wizard quickly dealt with the first Eldar. The second, seeing he was outnumbered, ran away after hiding behind a wall of vines.

Right after this encounter, a man tried to sneak up on the ranger but the half-elf heard him coming.

The man had a long unkept beard and was wearing what looked like a pieced-together cheap leather armor. His name was Elegor, and he sounded quite insane.

Turns out Elegor was the friend of the dead adventurer found in the cave, called Moulamix. They had heard about a temple in this jungle with a giant diamond inside and decided to come and get it. We’re not sure what happened inside the temple years ago, but judging from what Elegor says, Moulamix became extremely possessive of a jewel he found and tried to kill Elegor.

Elegor, in self-defense, fought him off. Their battle lasted for the better of a year, until Elegor had enough and actually tried to kill Moulamix during a heated assault on Elegor’s tree-top house.

The trio of companions were invited to said house to spend the night. The ranger tried to make arrows with the wood of the walls and that got him a slap in the face by Elegor’s walking stick.

They learned of a tribe of junglemen called Doudolos. Small, dark-skinned humanoïds who like to trade bones and trophies for shiny things they find that they don’t keep. Elegor trades with them at the well, south of the cascade. The wizard wanted to go visit them, but Elegor mentioned that these humans like to eat monkey, so they would probably try to eat Elemental, their rescue Urang-Utang.

The next morning they set out to the temple. After climbing the stony stairs they stepped inside to an odour of putrid decay. Old stones were being slowly being crushed over time by gigantic vines. 4 pillars were holding the roof, decorated by old carvings, scenes of a priest or shaman holding a specter talking to his subjects. On one of those pillars the Dwarf found a hidden stone that activated a mechanism: the doors of the temple closed, the door at the end of the room opened, and somewhere in the dark a click was heard.

The ranger detected a presence coming from a dark corner and then the smell hit them, of putrid decomposition… A Plague Walker was in the room!

The fighter was the closest and the weak mind of the monster made him focus on the closest target, and so they fought while the ranger was raining down arrows on him. The mage got in the action shooting burst of acid at it but critically failed and hit the dwarf instead.

The battle heated up and at one point both the plague walker and the wizard were on the ground. The monster got in a pretty dangerous hit that KOed the wizard on top of poisoning him, and then exploded in a burst of decomposed guts and dark malice. Everyone that wasn’t already passed out was able to dodge the blast.

They decided to rest, posting a guard at the opened door and when they were ready to go they took the stairs down to the second level.

They came upon a square room with 4 more pillars and 4 doors on each wall. 2 of the doors were caved in by fallen rocks or giant vines. Then they noticed the place was covered with spiderwebs, the color of blood. The ranger decided to grab some to try and make something silken out of it later but that sent signals to… Tomb Spiders! A swarm took him over and paralyzed him with its poison. As the companions, being paralyzed and poisoned each in turn, finally started to deal damage to it, it went back to its web to call for back-up, a second swarm arrived.

After quite a struggle the party finally disposed of them and decided to burn down all the webs. While doing this they noticed that blood was slowly flowing down from the webs into the cracks of the floor…

Inside the temple

We are now located and the second level of this temple. How many levels down? No indications to answer this question yet. I know theres no way back. Or at least, we haven’t found how to reverse the automatic locked doors.

I feel like those blood red spiders will crawl back down my neck at any time. Makes it difficult to close my eyes and rest a while.

Are we ever coming out? Whats so important inside that creatures dedicate there existence to protect it? Maybe we should’ve listen to Elegard!

Around the camp fire

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A chance meeting

By pure chance, fate, or simply because the DM is tired of introduction to games that take hours, one day like any other, 3 strangers met by the side of a lake created by a 30-feet waterfall, deep in a giant jungle.

The first individual was there by choice. He wanted to fish. Laurius, a Half-Elf ranger (which parents are BOTH Half-Elves) has been living in this jungle his whole life. One day when he returned from his daily patrols he returned to his Elven village to find the entire population massacred. He has been looking for the killer ever since.

The second individual was there by curiosity. Gan Appalix you see, a human wizard, loves jewelry, gems and all that shiny stuff. He has been exploring the jungle for a while now and managed to get lost in the process. He was at the lake looking for pearls and rare rocks.

The third individual was there because… he was completely and utterly lost. Poraxian, a Dwarf Fighter, was out with a portion of his clan foraging for rare rocks when he got separated from the group.

At first a little bit weary of the others, the trio soon realised that they all spoke the Common tongue. Gan broke the ice by getting naked and diving down the small lake to look for anything shiny and did find a few rocks (Green, Pale Blue, White).

Laurius knew that over-sized fish lived in these waters and waited patiently until a big one jumped out of the water to eat a bug, and shot him with an arrow attached to a rope. Together with Poraxian they outfought the fish and soon had a delicious diner.

They decided to share this meal and camp by the lake. Poraxian went to get firewood but found a baby Orang-Utang injured in a bush. He brought him back to camp and Laurius bandaged its broken arm. They decided to call him Elemental.

Unable to sleep the trio then decided to go explore the waterfall on a hunch. Laurius climbed the wet rocks succesfully and found a small passage that brought them to a cave behind the waterfall.

In said cave they found the skeleton of an old explorer who might have been a successful individual, after all, he had a diamond tooth. Poraxian found a hidden pouch full of little shiny rocks. The pouch was trapped but they were smart enough to avoid getting gazed by a mysterious black cloud that came out of the bag. In the pouch was also a golden sword guard with basic runes but no one was able to identify them. A basic map revealing the location of a jungle temple was also found.

Laurius went back out to check on the camp to see it being rampaged by 3 panthers. The fish brought them there. One of them was destroying his tent looking for more food. He tried to dive through the waterfall but it was too strong and that ruined his surprise entry. He then tried to use wild empathy on the closest panther who countered with an intimidating roar that sent Laurius packing. The panthers went back to eating.

After quickly formulating a battle plan, the party took them by surprise. Gan used an illusion to create a red dot on the ground and none of the panthers could resist chasing it. He lured them away from the camp and towards them, where they were hiding in the rocks above. Poraxian dived down and tried to Power Attack the closest panther but missed and was now facing the 3 big felines by himself. The element of surprise did buy them some time however.

Laurius was raining down arrows on the panthers while Poraxian hacked away with his dwarven waraxe. Gan also jumped down and the 3 of them managed to kill 2 of the panthers, the alpha and his female. The smallest panther decided to run away when it was outnumbered.

The heroes went back to their camp to salvage what was left of their stuff. Bedrolls and rations.

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