La Jungle Géante

A chance meeting

By pure chance, fate, or simply because the DM is tired of introduction to games that take hours, one day like any other, 3 strangers met by the side of a lake created by a 30-feet waterfall, deep in a giant jungle.

The first individual was there by choice. He wanted to fish. Laurius, a Half-Elf ranger (which parents are BOTH Half-Elves) has been living in this jungle his whole life. One day when he returned from his daily patrols he returned to his Elven village to find the entire population massacred. He has been looking for the killer ever since.

The second individual was there by curiosity. Gan Appalix you see, a human wizard, loves jewelry, gems and all that shiny stuff. He has been exploring the jungle for a while now and managed to get lost in the process. He was at the lake looking for pearls and rare rocks.

The third individual was there because… he was completely and utterly lost. Poraxian, a Dwarf Fighter, was out with a portion of his clan foraging for rare rocks when he got separated from the group.

At first a little bit weary of the others, the trio soon realised that they all spoke the Common tongue. Gan broke the ice by getting naked and diving down the small lake to look for anything shiny and did find a few rocks (Green, Pale Blue, White).

Laurius knew that over-sized fish lived in these waters and waited patiently until a big one jumped out of the water to eat a bug, and shot him with an arrow attached to a rope. Together with Poraxian they outfought the fish and soon had a delicious diner.

They decided to share this meal and camp by the lake. Poraxian went to get firewood but found a baby Orang-Utang injured in a bush. He brought him back to camp and Laurius bandaged its broken arm. They decided to call him Elemental.

Unable to sleep the trio then decided to go explore the waterfall on a hunch. Laurius climbed the wet rocks succesfully and found a small passage that brought them to a cave behind the waterfall.

In said cave they found the skeleton of an old explorer who might have been a successful individual, after all, he had a diamond tooth. Poraxian found a hidden pouch full of little shiny rocks. The pouch was trapped but they were smart enough to avoid getting gazed by a mysterious black cloud that came out of the bag. In the pouch was also a golden sword guard with basic runes but no one was able to identify them. A basic map revealing the location of a jungle temple was also found.

Laurius went back out to check on the camp to see it being rampaged by 3 panthers. The fish brought them there. One of them was destroying his tent looking for more food. He tried to dive through the waterfall but it was too strong and that ruined his surprise entry. He then tried to use wild empathy on the closest panther who countered with an intimidating roar that sent Laurius packing. The panthers went back to eating.

After quickly formulating a battle plan, the party took them by surprise. Gan used an illusion to create a red dot on the ground and none of the panthers could resist chasing it. He lured them away from the camp and towards them, where they were hiding in the rocks above. Poraxian dived down and tried to Power Attack the closest panther but missed and was now facing the 3 big felines by himself. The element of surprise did buy them some time however.

Laurius was raining down arrows on the panthers while Poraxian hacked away with his dwarven waraxe. Gan also jumped down and the 3 of them managed to kill 2 of the panthers, the alpha and his female. The smallest panther decided to run away when it was outnumbered.

The heroes went back to their camp to salvage what was left of their stuff. Bedrolls and rations.


Our party might be under prepared for what is coming!

A chance meeting

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