La Jungle Géante

Dangerous Canopy

After a good night’s rest the trio of companions decided to set out towards the temple. After a day’s walk they stopped on the side of a small spring to fill out their water flasks. To their surprise they got attacked by Wizened Eldars, humanoid trees, evil things. Using their powers to communicate and control other plants, they entangled the Dwarf with vines and pulled him in the spring face down, trying to drown him to feed on his decomposing corpse afterwards.

The ranger and the wizard quickly dealt with the first Eldar. The second, seeing he was outnumbered, ran away after hiding behind a wall of vines.

Right after this encounter, a man tried to sneak up on the ranger but the half-elf heard him coming.

The man had a long unkept beard and was wearing what looked like a pieced-together cheap leather armor. His name was Elegor, and he sounded quite insane.

Turns out Elegor was the friend of the dead adventurer found in the cave, called Moulamix. They had heard about a temple in this jungle with a giant diamond inside and decided to come and get it. We’re not sure what happened inside the temple years ago, but judging from what Elegor says, Moulamix became extremely possessive of a jewel he found and tried to kill Elegor.

Elegor, in self-defense, fought him off. Their battle lasted for the better of a year, until Elegor had enough and actually tried to kill Moulamix during a heated assault on Elegor’s tree-top house.

The trio of companions were invited to said house to spend the night. The ranger tried to make arrows with the wood of the walls and that got him a slap in the face by Elegor’s walking stick.

They learned of a tribe of junglemen called Doudolos. Small, dark-skinned humanoïds who like to trade bones and trophies for shiny things they find that they don’t keep. Elegor trades with them at the well, south of the cascade. The wizard wanted to go visit them, but Elegor mentioned that these humans like to eat monkey, so they would probably try to eat Elemental, their rescue Urang-Utang.

The next morning they set out to the temple. After climbing the stony stairs they stepped inside to an odour of putrid decay. Old stones were being slowly being crushed over time by gigantic vines. 4 pillars were holding the roof, decorated by old carvings, scenes of a priest or shaman holding a specter talking to his subjects. On one of those pillars the Dwarf found a hidden stone that activated a mechanism: the doors of the temple closed, the door at the end of the room opened, and somewhere in the dark a click was heard.

The ranger detected a presence coming from a dark corner and then the smell hit them, of putrid decomposition… A Plague Walker was in the room!

The fighter was the closest and the weak mind of the monster made him focus on the closest target, and so they fought while the ranger was raining down arrows on him. The mage got in the action shooting burst of acid at it but critically failed and hit the dwarf instead.

The battle heated up and at one point both the plague walker and the wizard were on the ground. The monster got in a pretty dangerous hit that KOed the wizard on top of poisoning him, and then exploded in a burst of decomposed guts and dark malice. Everyone that wasn’t already passed out was able to dodge the blast.

They decided to rest, posting a guard at the opened door and when they were ready to go they took the stairs down to the second level.

They came upon a square room with 4 more pillars and 4 doors on each wall. 2 of the doors were caved in by fallen rocks or giant vines. Then they noticed the place was covered with spiderwebs, the color of blood. The ranger decided to grab some to try and make something silken out of it later but that sent signals to… Tomb Spiders! A swarm took him over and paralyzed him with its poison. As the companions, being paralyzed and poisoned each in turn, finally started to deal damage to it, it went back to its web to call for back-up, a second swarm arrived.

After quite a struggle the party finally disposed of them and decided to burn down all the webs. While doing this they noticed that blood was slowly flowing down from the webs into the cracks of the floor…


Gan Apalix: ‘’Si ya un spider Queen, je brule toutes!’’

Dangerous Canopy

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