La Jungle Géante

Out of the temple

On a sidenote, I am almost ashamed at how I handled this game. I had prepared almost nothing and following last week’s epic adventure it was a huge let down for me and the players.

That being said we finally got Joff to join. I hope he’ll be back. I used the excuse that this game was more to show him the basics of the mechanics, rather than me being lazy all week and not thinking of anything.


The game started with us eating lots of snacks and discussing random stuff. After 30 minutes of this we decided to start playing.

I explained that after killing the ancient necromancer they searched the room a little bit more and found a secret door that led to a secret room of magical items (that I totally forgot to give them last game) and this room also led outdoors.

They build a stretchers out of church benches for Poraxion, the poor dwarf fighter who got beaten to jello last game and carried him out after looting the room.

They found a Shield of Arrow-Catching that they gave to Poraxion, a Staff of Spell-Storing that they gave to Gan Appalix the wizard, and a Composite Longbow +1 to hit for Laurius the ranger. They also found a mysterious specter that a knowledge arcana roll revealed to be a Rod of Splendor!

Coming out of the temple fresh air and sunlight invaded their senses. After braving death numerous times (for the fighter) they were finally outside! They could see the giant jungle tree, they could see that it was growing over a giant blue diamond – I’m talking HUMONGOUS – and that they were in some kind of garden. They also noticed that they startled a very strange human…

Enter Sutomal (Joff’s character)

Before our companions stands a man that was raised by dogs but then rescued by a clan of ninja and monks living in the giant tree… only, they are monkeys.

Sutomal has been living in the Igymon tribe since he was a kid so he moves like a monkey, and is of the monk class. He enjoys picking fruit and ultimately would like to be the leader of the clan.

He explains that the Igymon clan has just been hit by a devastating attack from the Fourmians, a race of humanoid insects that look like centaur ants. The village in the giant tree has been completely decimated but most of the tribe has survived.

On their way to the village they reach a river where giant ant heads have been impaled on poles. Sutomal explains that this is a warning to Fourmians. They succesfully sneaked on a group of 2 workers and 1 warrior Fourmians that were quickly killed but not before poisoning the wizard for a few rounds.

Reaching the village the companions meet the elder who is grateful for dealing with the necromancer, who was often killing strayed villagers and desecrating their bodies for his experiments. For this, he offers to leave Poraxion in the hands of the village Shaman who worked his healing art on the injured fighter.

The leader of the village, an Orang-Utang so aged that at first the group thought he was an albino but in fact all of his hair is white (kept alive by the magic of the giant diamond) explains that Fourmians are a nuisance, a plague, the worst thing that ever happened to the jungle.

They used to be contempt living in the giant chasm north-west of the jungle but they have used all the space and are now expanding, in the process destroying the jungle and enslaving animals and humanoids alike. They ride dinosaurs and gliding monkeys into battle and their numbers are simply impossible to match for the tribe.

He also shows the adventurers a necklace that a scouting party has found, that Laurius the ranger identifies as his mother’s (thus explaining why his racial enemy is Fourmians) and that a group of dwarves have also been spotted working for the Fourmians. Could this be Poraxion’s lost foraging party?

The elder primate goes to the Wizard for help, asking to rebuild the village with the monkeys who have long lost the ways of their ancestors in architecture and engineering. Gan Appalix quickly convinces them however that they should switch to aggresive mode and attack the Fourmians, try to kill the queen, because their tribe wouldn’t survive another assault.

After much discussion the wizard had the idea to build a hot-air balloon and drop right into the Fourmians lair. The ranger suggested to create a distraction because they couldn’t possibly handle the whole horde. The monk ate cookies and chips and drew a portrait of himself.

The final plan and the conclusion of the session was portrayed by Marc pretending to wield the Rod of Splendor and talking to the goblin leader of the goblin tribe that lives south of the temple, close to the lava geysers that they worship (this was all introduced in the first game). They plan to convince them that great treasures await them if they invade the Fourmians lands. When the two armies are fighting, they would parachute into the lair, seek the queen, and END HER.


Dammit im RED!

Out of the temple

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