Old jungle explorator


Elegor was a jungle explorator who decided to try and find the ancient jungle temple, rumored to house a giant diamond with magical properties.

He did not know what he was getting himself into.

He set out with his long-time partner Moulamix and after a few weeks of trekking, found the temple.

Moulamix however seemed to have lost his mind inside the temple and attacked Elegor.

Elegor had to defend himself. Since he kept his wits he was able to build a treehouse with defenses that he still lives in today. After an especially violent battle where Elegor almost died, he saw no choice but to try and kill Moulamix.

A savage blow from his staff to Moulamix’s ribs seem to have done it.

Elegor has decided to stay in the jungle. One: he is lost, Moulamix had stolen the map and destroyed part of it.
Two: he wants to avenge his friend and destroy the temple.



La Jungle Géante beurre