Hey stranger, you are browsing through campaigns looking for ideas? You are welcome to read our adventures. Don’t be alarmed if you see French, we are all french-canadians so we might write in that language from time to time!

We’re a small group of geeks who have been trying to meet every week to play boardgames (started with Magic: The Gathering) and moved to Dungeons and Dragons since it was a cheap and fun way to hang out on a week night.

We’re not really dedicated players and switch games often. The longest campaign we played was last year, for maybe 3 months once a week and had a blast. The addition of a new player changed the whole dynamic however and we decided to try other games (Fallout, Zombie Survival).

We’re now back at good old DnD 3.5
There’s me, Étienne, the DM and guy who got my friends into all that geek stuff.
There’s Marc, occasional DM and great help in adding details to the story, great at RP as well.
Francis who ran his own campaign while I was away. Great at using every asset of his character.
New comer Seb who was never really in our geek circle (besides video games) but seemed to have fun with us.

La Jungle Géante

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